The story of how I quit my job and went to play in Madrid

A Report from Madrid

Margaux writes from Madrid:

I’d rather have a million friends than a million dollars and some people would disagree, but what’s fun about being rich and lonely? Some people view loneliness as wanting being alone; a great example, my wife, she loves loves being alone, but me on the other hand, completely the opposite. I am not a fan of being alone and I dislike the idea that I have to indefinitely. Living alone in a foreign country and not speaking the language is clearly no fun for me because if you all know me well, I love socializing!!

I get it, sometimes you just have to face your fears for the sake of long-term opportunities, but more importantly for your family or in my case, my spouse. As many people have said, ‘It’s good for me and will make me stronger!’ Again, I get it, but I don’t necessarily like it!

I fortunately have a great place to live with a gigantic swimming pool that sort of forces me to go swimming (with this 100 degree weather) and mingle with my neighbors. This I like because there are people around me, YAY!! So although I am absolutely ‘sucking it up’ as my wife likes to say to me (just wonderful), I at least have others to be around even if I don’t say one word! To be honest, I prefer to listen naturally since I cannot yet speak Spanish! Plus, it’s very good to practice listening as my dad always said!

I do have to mention that the best part about this loneliness is my work; the people are fantastic, friendly and most speak English, YAY YAY YAY!!! Triple YAY for my socializing personality. Now, I need to be friends with these people, not just co-workers! This way I’ll have English speaking friends to hang out with making me completely forget that I’m even alone! Me Gusta!

My wife can come home to Madrid now!! I’ve been ready for her!


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One thought on “A Report from Madrid

  1. Elizabeth on said:

    Cheer up Margaux! Jean will be back soon

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