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Language School!

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10 students in my class

9 teachers completing their masters degrees in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language

8 languages spoken among my classmates (Mandarin, Thai, German, Armenian, Korean, French, Russian, English)

7 classes I missed for laziness, missed bus, or appointments with the electrician

6 week intensive Advanced Spanish Class at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

5 days per week

4 hours per day

3 bus transfers to get there

2 field trips (Prado Museum, 15 de Mayo Celebration)

1 level away from C2 proficiency!


Biking in Madrid

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This adventure was from Margaux and my last weekend in Madrid before coming home for the summer. Thanks to Pat and Laura, who got us a gift certificate for this bike tour adventure!

We rode for 3 hours all around the city with our tour guide, Jose. We got to see lots of things we are excited to do more of when we go back.  Our favorite: the Egyptian Temple of Debod in Madrid’s Parque del Oeste. I can’t wait to have a picnic here. The park overlooks all of Madrid, and we could even see the big church by our apartment from the top of the park. It’s also right by the Royal Palace, which makes it an awesome tourist watching location too!

When you, yes, you, come to visit us, we will take you here!

Victory!!!!! Margaux finally got her visa on Friday. Mine is still processing and we are hoping it comes in the next few weeks. We are headed to the East Coast on or around July 25th, and on to Madrid early August. Hooray!!!!!!

How long are you guys going to be here?

This is the question that comes up every day from family & friends! We have no answer. The work visa process to live and work in Spain is quite the adventure. Why we have no answer should be the question of the day instead! 

Well, the answer is up to the Consulate so all we can do is wait…….and wait some more, (but hopefully for not too long)!  We will get an email telling us whats going on (basically lets hope and pray approved)!!  Unfortunately, the length of time to wait is unknown according to the professionals! 

Needless to say, we are trying to stay sane and calm as we experience these challenges. Patience will be the absolute key to our success! The good news, summer is here and that’s a very good reason to enjoy it! I mean if our life is on hold for a little while, we may as well make the best of it.        

Relax, stay cool and be merry this summer! 

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