The story of how I quit my job and went to play in Madrid

Food groups

I present the food groups in Spain. 

Pork products: Mostly in the form of jamon, but also in other charcuterie forms. Also, pork in all forms, including pork chops, roast suckling pig, bacon (beicon), cured, smoked, aged, processed, natural, braised, and grilled. 

Bread products: Mostly baguettes and/or in the form of bocadillos, which are long sandwiches, usually with a slice of tomato and a few slices of jamon (see above).

Olive products: Olive oil is generally used on, well, just about everything. Put it on bread, or jamon, or cook with it, or put olives in it. It’s our most-loved condiment at the moment. Also, olives accompany almost every beer you order.

Cheese: Just cheese, all kinds of cheese. Mostly eaten with a side of bread and a few slices of jamon.

Carbs in general: The Spanish Tortilla is a potato and egg dish, sometimes served as a sandwich. That’s right potato/bread sandwich. Margaux’s favorite thing is croquetas which are fried potato and jamon dumplings. I am a fan of empanadas, which are almost like potato pies with flaky crust. 


My cholesterol needs a breather….. You can see that vegetables don’t make the top 5. So delicious. But I don’t understand, why aren’t there any fat people?


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