The story of how I quit my job and went to play in Madrid


Zarzuela. A band nerd/theater geek’s dream. You have to see it to love it. It’s like opera, musical theater, choir, and a symphony all rolled into one. 

My language school hooked it up with tickets. Basically, one of the professors said, “If you like music, this is a MUST.” So I signed up, and even snagged a ticket for Margaux. I’m not sure so much about the history, but wikipedia can tell you here.

We arrived and this beautiful theater, the Auditorio Nacional de Muscia, that looks almost like the Tabernacle on the inside. Not as big, but so cool inside, with a big pipe organ and seating all the way around, even behind the choir! 

The orquestra accompanies a singer who sings in character. It’s sort of hard to explain, watch this video.

At one moment towards the end of the performance, everyone joined in singing and clapping. Even though we didn’t know the words, it was one of those magical moments that happens during live music performances. 

I want season tickets. 


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