The story of how I quit my job and went to play in Madrid

Los Campeones

Ok, so all you Real Madrid fans are going to be disappointed with this post. Sorry. 

Yesterday was a championship match for Real Madrid. And we missed it. Honestly, we didn’t even know that Madrid was still in the game. I thought they lost a few weeks ago and were eliminated, so imagine my surprise this morning when on every channel people are celebrating and preparing to celebrate the win.

We aren’t big futbol fans yet, but if you have ever watched sports with me, you know I love to cheer for a winner (only once they are winning). Call me a fairweather fan, but that’s just how I roll. It drives everyone crazy. So now I am a HUGE Madrid fan. Hahaha

Tonight, the news says that there is going to be a big party in the center of town. I have seen videos of such festivities, and unfortunately, I am inclined to an occasional bout of claustrophobia and anxiety attacks in such situations (ask me about San Francisco Pride). Margaux is not a huge fan either, although she handles it a little better than me. This does not look fun for me. So I will safely watch the celebrations from home on our HDTV cheering for everyone and, of course, feel guilty that I am not out there celebrating for all of you guys. 



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