The story of how I quit my job and went to play in Madrid

A little rambling reminiscence of home

For some reason, I woke up this morning craving waffles. I wanted brunch at The Big Kitchen, then to go to Target and buy groceries at Henry’s. I want to watch TV on my sweet chaise lounge and maybe drive my moped around South Park.  

I miss text messaging everyone. 

Yesterday, Margaux and I had a craving to go to Souplantation with Carly and Yana and to Hive Sushi with Deepika and Frankie.  

I had a dream about my Rav 4. I think that’s what started it all. That little piece of junk and I go way back. Thinking that it’s a big crushed hunk of metal somewhere makes me bittersweet.  Margaux misses her boy Dylan, her Honda, but is comforted to know that he has a new home with new passengers. 

I miss Ocean Beach, especially our tiny apartment with a tiny view of the ocean and having BBQs with our neighbors on Del Monte Ave. 

I don’t miss our windowless apartment on C Street, but I do wish Tanya still lived across the hall from us so we can borrow milk and arroz con leche and cold medicine from her and lend her bowls and cups and our vacuum in return.  

Our little chunk of San Diego now is a memory of good times filled with California burritos, craft beer, Sunday afternoon zoo dates, and always-postponed game nights. 

Not to mention, this is my favorite time of year at work.  Students nervously choosing their colleges and reviewing financial aid offers always is an exciting rollercoaster for the whole family.  Good luck guys! 

Of course, we miss our friends and my mom and brothers. It’d be nice to go to Thousand Oaks and play with Pancake and Biscuit. Margaux misses her family and friends in Woony, and we can’t wait to meet all the new babies that have appeared or are about to appear since the last time we visited (Zoey, TWO Masons, Julian, who will be here any minute, and little Dominic in CT!). It goes without saying that being with the people you love is extra special when you haven’t seen them in a long time. 

It was bound to happen. It’s important to say though, that homesickness is not the same as sadness. I am so grateful to be here with Margaux. This was the right thing for both of us in so many ways. There’s a million things to explore and we have a lot of traveling to do.  I know in the future, our time in Madrid will be the subject of many nostalgic memories. 

Cheers to the people and experiences that have made my life full. Cheers to the mundane moments that are under-appreciated in all of our lives. Cheers to making today worth remembering. 

Love to all. 


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