The story of how I quit my job and went to play in Madrid

Tomorrow is my first day of school

This post is dedicated to all the BLCI kids.

Today, I rode the bus around in circles like a frustrating dream where you don’t get anywhere. After about 674 transfers, I finally figured out I had been going the wrong way, and turned around, started over, and found my way to the campus. I felt all awkward and out of place at the huge Universidad Complutense de Madrid. It was super windy and I didn’t have a hair tie, which everyone knows is a big disaster in my book. After I interrupted a study session to ask for directions, walked into a professor’s office on accident, and had to go up and down millions of flights of stairs (sexy for Spain!), I sort of got the feeling that maybe I wouldn’t be able to do it. 

Nevertheless, I remembered that the whole reason I am in Madrid in the first place is to follow my own advice and do the hard things.  I thought, “I am not going to walk away from this stupid task just because it is annoying me right now.”  I couldn’t, that would be embarrassing, and I would let myself down.  

After another half an hour of fruitless wandering around campus (noting that this was just another self-guided campus tour) I finally found the office I needed. Of course, it was randomly stuffed on the second floor of the philosophy building with only a small 8.5×11 paper taped to the door that says “Centro para la enseñanza del español.”  With sweaty pits and windblown hair, I probably looked like a crazy mess when I asked the people in the office if this was the right place to sign up. 

The nice lady had me fill out an “application,” which I had to laugh at, because I have spent the last five years of my life filling out such forms, and this was the best one. Name. Date of Birth. Passport Number. That was it. No essay, SATs, or letters of recommendation. Of course, this is just a short language course, but still. 

Tomorrow is the first day of class. Good thing I practiced and have an idea where to go now and I won’t be so lost on the bus. I bought a brand new notebook and picked out my outfit already.  They told me the class is really small, and I don’t know what to expect.  I hope I make some friends!

Wish me luck.  BLCI kids, I owe it to you guys for giving me the bravery to figure this out. I miss you all. 


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