The story of how I quit my job and went to play in Madrid

Team Winning**

It’s a little bit of a tradition for us to have a game night on the last night we are in an apartment. It’s really nice to have no furniture or clutter and have a handful of friends over to play a game on the floor with pizza and beer.  My team always wins**.

Tonight is our last night in San Diego, and I have to say I am quite bittersweet. I love this city, my friends, the food, the vibe. I’m going to miss 70 degrees and sunny, California burritos, hanging out with my buddies and riding my moped around town.  I feel so overwhelmed with the thought that this has been my little part of the world for the past 5 years, my mid-20s, my first real job, my first stab at real adult life. Now I am leaving this perfect little corner of the world to go somewhere I know nothing about. It freaks me out, and it makes me feel insanely alive.

Our apartment is empty, and I am writing this blog from the comfortable  deflating air mattress on the floor in our living room. It has been a crazy week, and I am exhausted. We have packed, repacked and weighed all of our suitcases. We have a few boxes to take to my mom’s house for storage and our 5 suitcases and which is now everything that we own!

Tomorrow, we drive up to my mom’s house where we will stay until our flight leaves on Saturday. We take a red-eye to DC where we have a long 10 hour layover (we got a hotel) and then we take a second red-eye to Madrid. We arrive in Madrid at 6am Monday morning. Jet lag to the max! 

We are so nervous and excited. We will miss you guys!

**Team Winning includes Carly and Yana and Daniela, and we totally kicked ass at Cranium tonight. Luis, Gaby and Margaux came in a close second.  The asterisks indicate two questionable calls by the judges and our win is contested by the other team.  But we won fair and square. 


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