The story of how I quit my job and went to play in Madrid

What to do about the shampoo?

We are woefully underprepared for this move. It looks like we have barely made progress, although we really have done quite a bit.  Each time I go to cross something off the “big list,” I have to add about 3 more things that I hadn’t thought of before. 

This weekend, we are having a garage sale.  Half of me doesn’t want to sell everything, because I hate sleeping on the floor, but we are in “everything must go” mode. 

Check out our garage sale:

It seems like I have to keep buying things, when all we want to do is get rid of them.  We need a camera, some suitcases, European clothes (whatever that is), and we are out of shampoo. Should I buy a whole jug of it or just enough until we leave? How much shampoo do we bring with us?


What about our food? Should we try to eat every last can of kidney beans, since we won’t be bringing them? I mean, I have an almost-full bottle of sriracha that won’t be traveling in a 3oz bag. What if they don’t have Tapatio in Madrid? This is the kind of stuff we are stressing about now. 


Some of you have offered to help. You can help by helping us get rid of all of this stuff. A few days before we leave, you can come get free cleaning products, condiments, food, and other stuff that needs to not be wasted, but is not quite garage-sale-able.  We will also need help taking stuff to Goodwill, and cleaning out this crappy, windowless apartment. 

We have 15 days until departure. Time is ticking! 


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