The story of how I quit my job and went to play in Madrid

My life for sale

Everything we own is for sale.  Next weekend, everything that’s non-essential will be for sale, and for pick up.  Claim your items by leaving a comment below. EVERYTHING MUST GO. Sunday, February 26th we are open to the public. 

Moped- SOLD

2005 Honda Accord -SOLD

Chaise Lounge $300
Couch $350
Ottoman SOLD

TV $275  SOLD

Bookshelf $20


Bed $60

Loteria End table  SOLD

2 basic bed tables $10 ea

Microwave stand w/wheels and cabinet $20

TV stand $5 SOLD

XBox   $20   SOLD

DVD Player $5  SOLD

Wine rack $30

Various Artwork/Decor $5-$15

Kitchen appliances $5-$20

Pots/Pans – SOLD 

Camping equipment -SOLD

Board games – SOLD 

There’s random other things too. Come get all of this stuff and help us move to Madrid!

Garage sale

This could be you! (Actual items not shown) 


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