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what exactly does quite a few add up too?

I will be taking about 50 books. As many as I can fit. My books are like my kids, I can’t just give them away to just anybody. 


This is our garage sale. Notice all the awesome customers.  

how many books do you plan on taking?

I will bring quite a few. I love to read. Thanks for asking!

What to do about the shampoo?

We are woefully underprepared for this move. It looks like we have barely made progress, although we really have done quite a bit.  Each time I go to cross something off the “big list,” I have to add about 3 more things that I hadn’t thought of before. 

This weekend, we are having a garage sale.  Half of me doesn’t want to sell everything, because I hate sleeping on the floor, but we are in “everything must go” mode. 

Check out our garage sale:

It seems like I have to keep buying things, when all we want to do is get rid of them.  We need a camera, some suitcases, European clothes (whatever that is), and we are out of shampoo. Should I buy a whole jug of it or just enough until we leave? How much shampoo do we bring with us?


What about our food? Should we try to eat every last can of kidney beans, since we won’t be bringing them? I mean, I have an almost-full bottle of sriracha that won’t be traveling in a 3oz bag. What if they don’t have Tapatio in Madrid? This is the kind of stuff we are stressing about now. 


Some of you have offered to help. You can help by helping us get rid of all of this stuff. A few days before we leave, you can come get free cleaning products, condiments, food, and other stuff that needs to not be wasted, but is not quite garage-sale-able.  We will also need help taking stuff to Goodwill, and cleaning out this crappy, windowless apartment. 

We have 15 days until departure. Time is ticking! 

I bet you can’t watch this whole video! I am taking tips on how to avoid this from happening to Margaux. 

Free fall

You know that feeling when you are on a roller coaster and during that first drop, your stomach goes into your throat and you feel like you might pee your pants a little as you free fall with negative G-forces?

Roller Coaster

This is supposed to be fun right?

That’s how I feel. I’m on the ride, now, I can’t get off.  Today is my last day at work and in the past 24 hours, I have felt like each of these women on the roller coaster. Right now I feel like the little girl. Terrified and maybe about to cry or throw up. The lady next to her will be me later today, a wreck of nerves. Clinging on to the last few minutes of my time at work, I’ll just shut my eyes and hang on tight, it will be over soon.  Hopefully tonight I will be more at ease like the blonde lady in the sexy tank in the front.  Tomorrow, I want to be more like “bebe” and just scream with pure adrenaline.  

This is just the first drop. The rest of the ride is going to be awesome!

You don’t have to be a privileged hippie to save a few months of salary from a shitty job and stretch it out in a foreign country.

The GOOD Guide to Hustlin’: Why The Gap Year Isn’t Only For Rich Kids

The Amazing Race


We are exhausted and confused. And 100% excited. Margaux has been working on Spain time for the past few weeks, which means she is waking up at 3 am every morning. And the skype calls to Spain wake me up, so there’s a little bit of sleep deprivation happening. On top of that, our house is a mess. The last thing anyone wants to do when they are exhausted is wash dishes.  

Dirty Dishes

(Not our actual sink)

The obvious solution would be to go to sleep early, and do some chores, but we have an addiction to Grey’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead that makes it impossible.  We are so tired by the end of the day that nothing gets done.  We are sort of like non-violent zombies right now. 


I am excited to finish my work, so maybe I can start managing everything at home. We haven’t packed, we haven’t really sold much of our stuff, and we are feeling the pressure of the clicking clock. 

Is this real?  It is not really sinking in that in just a few short weeks we will be on a plane to Madrid. We have decided to be patient with each other and pretend that we are on the Amazing Race.  We must work together to get things done and not lose our cool over mundane things.  Margaux and I auditioned for the Amazing Race a long time ago, and though we didn’t get on the show, we know we are a competitive team. 

We are a good team. And this is an Amazing Race.  The next rest stop: Madrid!

Amazing Race

A little taste… Look at all that ham! 

“If you want to break out of the mold of average, the first thing you need to do is make a decision to be radically different.”

The Art of Non-Conformity

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